The Award-Winning Gladiator 8.0

Aluminium Fishing Boat Open - 2016 HutchWilco Boat Show Awards

Forged out of six years of development, the Gladiator 8.0 combines big boat appeal with the unbeatable performance and simplicity of a trailer boat. An innovative walk-around cabin configuration, enhanced by an armoury of cutting-edge features, make this the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything boat - built to meet the needs of today's most demanding sport fisherman.

Broadbill Gladiator 8.0 electronic joystick

Aggressive finesse

Speed, comfort, stability and efficiency are all achieved in unison - and in style - by Broadbill’s advanced hull design features.

Broadbill Gladiator 8.0 electronic joystick

Best of both worlds

The centre cabin configuration offers all-weather protection and overnight capability, with the benefit of a full walk-around fishing platform.

Broadbill Gladiator 8.0 electronic joystick

Armed for combat

Boasting an arsenal of carefully considered features for the serious sport fisherman, the Gladiator 8.0 comes armed and ready for battle.

Broadbill Gladiator 8.0 electronic joystick

Warrior heart

With every detail over-specified - from hull construction to electrical systems - the ultra-capable Gladiator 8.0 is built to endure.

Broadbill Gladiator 8.0 electronic joystick

Deadly simple

Intuitive and automatic systems make the Gladiator 8.0 one of the most elegantly simple, user-friendly boats on the market.

Broadbill Gladiator 8.0 electronic joystick

The complete package

A drive-on trailer with electric winch makes launching and retrieving a breeze. C-section construction and stainless brakes mean they’re built to last.

Broadbill Boats + Mercury Verado Outboards - A killer combination

Broadbill Gladiator 8.0 electronic joystick

Effortless control

Mercury's unique Joystick Piloting system puts steering, throttle and trim at your fingertips in one intuitive joystick control, and turns docking into childsplay.

Broadbill Gladiator 8.0 electronic anchoring

Advanced virtual anchoring

Skyhook(R) digital GPS anchoring precisely maintains the boat’s position and orientation for never-fail deep drops, even when fishing solo.


Plan view of Broadbill Boats - Gladiator 8.0
Length Overall 8250mm
Beam 2735mm
Deadrise Variable 18°
Weight ~2500kg
Towing Weight ~3500kg
Freeboard ~900mm
Fuel Capacity ~550L
Hull 6mm
Keel 12mm (6mm hull with full length 6mm doubler)
Topsides 5mm
Transom & Bearers ~5mm
Cabin 4mm
Floor ~4mm Treadplate